Selah: is a cool word my friend Laura brought up recently. This is my mana’o on it.

It’s Hebrew and complex, said to be of unknown meaning. But it’s use, its potential meaning and non-meaning purposes make complete sense to me…its been translated to mean “stop and listen” or to pause, to reflect on the moment. Psalms used to be sung where there is an interlude, Selah, to reflect on the word. It may also mean forever and be used in the place of amen. Selah. It is the word acknowledging the pause or it is perhaps the pause itself. Selah. Hard to tell.

Most music is ryhthm and/or melody intertwined and laced among spaces of silence…many mini interludes. Without the silence it would not be music. Selah. Perhaps our lives are giant (or small) interludes in time and space, within each life are further experiences intertwined with interludes of reflection. Music is life, life is music. Selah. The less you reflect the less you fully participate, the less music of life you make so on and so forth. Selah. Within each person is a drum, a heart which pauses, not just beats but pauses. The pause itself is the part of the beat we neglect. Without the pause there is no such thing as a beat. Or is the pause its own thing? Either way we cannot live without that pause. Selah. As we know it can always unexpectedly stop, either ending us or sending us into forever. Would we be able to live with a heart that does not pause for its beat? Is that conceivable? Without the pause is there a beat? Why is it we are alive between the pauses of our heartbeat? Selah.

Perhaps it’s the pause that’s forever. If so have patience. Selah.

Selah. It’s that place where you hang in the balance, not knowing where you are going and it goes on forever. It’s funny how at the core of things it is the nothingness that holds everything together, shapes it and gives it meaning, but yet we don’t value it because what is forever is often meaningless, nothing in the interlude of our short and fleeting lives. We take it for granted. Even those things we mistake for being for forever. Like a loved one. Selah. Perhaps it is selah that keeps our community together, like a communal drum. It continues because we return to it just enough, reflect on it and give it the attention it needs. Or at least we used to. Selah. Perhaps the more we neglect it the more we fall apart. Ironically, less reflection, less meaning, more nothing in a different sense. Selah. Are we losing time for reflection?

In love is it the talking or the listening that matters? Selah. Is it that we pause for our love that matters, that we give them the time. Or is it the continuous presence of the beloved that makes love what it is. What is the saying?…absence makes the heart grow fonder. Selah. But when the beloved is gone, like the heartbeat it would seem that it is the emptiness that goes on forever. Selah.

Funny how it is the emptiness that makes everything so meaningful, so beautiful and so worthwhile.