Welcome to my website where you will find, over time, music to download, plus insights into the work, life and aspirations of “Mr. Chang.”


Also known as Kevin Kwock Jung Chang, I am privileged to live, work and play music in my island home with my two families — my wife and ʻohana, and the band Kupaʻāina.

Alma and I at Ayme wedding

Alma Siria and I. By Erin Wells. 2013.

Prompted by my 2013 marriage to Alma Siria Vega of Sonora, Mexico, and our dreams for raising a family in (expensive) Hawaii, I decided to work on some select songs and covers that I’ve performed but never recorded. With the initial help of my friend Brian and the encouragement of the band and my family, I began working with my friend Tracey “Dr. Trey” Terada to produce these tracks as the “Mr. Chang Recording Project.” They can be purchased as downloads and eventually as an album as we build up the recordings.


For many, especially those who might be introverted the music business can be hard on friendships and time. It can spread them thin. This was a reason why my approach to the art of music and the band never took a strong turn towards commerce especially when most of us are trying to make a living just to have a roof over our heads. But as the music industry changes, new technology brings with it the freedom for artists to more affordably record and produce music. These tracks have been recorded for the most part in Trey’s hall and stairway in Kāneʻohe — on Friday afternoons as time, family and work permit.


Dr Trey.

 I don’t expect to make a huge living from music, nor do I want to spend my life touring or promoting. New technology has given me the opportunity to move some of my music out of my head and into your earphones without all the commercial and material hubbub it once took. Ultimately if I can, I would like it to find a happy place where I can be creative, respect those appreciate what I do and serve your spirit and my ability to stay in Hawai’i, provide for my wife and family. I hope you will purchase some of these tracks, and tell your friends to check them out and spread the word. CD Baby (CD Purchase and/or download link)


Much mahalo and appreciation to webmaster Blaine Fergerstrom for his quick keyboard and kind and generous advice.


Aloha nui,