Mr Chang & Kupa’aina


Mr Chang at the gate. By Christina Aiu 12-8-13.

Mr. Chang and Kupaʻāina ( ) have been writing and playing music about their island home- Hawaiʻi, since the mid-1990’s. Kupaʻāina, means people whom are familiar with a place, or more succinctly put “citizens of the land.” The name was identified for the band in the 90’s when Kevin and his friend and co-writer Professor Kanalu George Terry Young identified the term as most encompassing of a hybrid island person deeply rooted but outwardly focused. They believed in the development of roots and wings for the children of these islands.


Members of the Kupaʻāina family have included: Kanalu G.T. Young Ph.D., Teufolau Aloua, Luke Solatorio, Keao Cocket, Ansen Pang, Stanley Tibayan, Kalama Cabigon, Mark Lutwak, Alastar and Miwa McNeil, Nakana Wong, Babatunji Heath, Derek Kamiya Esq., Brian Chun-Ming, Ka’imi Pelekai and Ikaika Hussey.

Kupa'aina at WCC. By Carol L. Chang. 2009.

Kupa’aina at WCC. By Carol L. Chang. 2009.

Mr Chang is an attorney who serves as the Executive Director of Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (or KUA: ) a non-profit 501c3 organization. KUA exists to kōkua (help) grassroots mālama ʻāina (environmental stewardship) groups to build solidarity and capacity to achieve a vision of an abundant, productive ecological system that supports community well-being–‘āina momona. He is privileged that his music, philosophy and work life often complement each other.

His primary artistic interest has never been music but film. Though he has never had the chance to study or participate in mainstream film he has been lucky enough through music and his interest in production to contribute to some worthy film endeavors .

Kupa'aina: Kalama'ula Homestead Back porch 2009. By Christina Aiu.

Kupa’aina: Kalama’ula Homestead Back porch 2009. By Christina Aiu.

Mr. Chang is married to Alma Siria Vega de Chang of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. His father Nelson S.W. Chang is a retired attorney and his mother Carol L. Chang is a well respected local journalist and community resource. His sister Kelly B.T. Chang PhD is a professor of psychology at George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, His sister Erin Wells, is a singer-songwriter married to singer-songwriter Tyrone Wells ( ), they live in Chino, California and have three daughters Aria, Ireland and Taya. Aria calls Mr. Chang “Uncle Big,” this is because she also has a little Uncle Kevin. He is very proud of them for their cuteness.

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